Race Director

Kiley Dominie

Serving role since January 2018

Past Board Role(s):
Not Applicable

How Long Have You Been With PRC?

I joined PRC in March of 2014, after attending the Paradise Snow and Ice event and seeing the teamwork, support and camaraderie amongst the members.

What Made You Start Running?

In short - age. I ran in high school but then came university, marriage and kids. I didn’t exercise much at all and as 40 was only a couple years away, I decided to focus on my health and get back to running. That and a simple bet with my sister-in-law to do the 2013 Tely (more on that below!)

What is your best/worst run?

My best run was the 2018 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. It was my second year training to hit a Boston Qualifying time and only 3-4 weeks prior to the event, the Boston Athletics Assoc. lowered my qualifying time by 5 minutes! That put serious pressure on me for the event. With the awesome support of my wife, the two key training partners for that event and my unofficial coach Mark - I had the run of my life on a beauty day in Toronto.

My worst running memory is split between two events. My first attempt at a BQ was Hamilton 2017. It was a nightmare of a day weather-wise and the course just killed my legs after 32km. I found the wall that day and I did not over come. The second worst event for me was my first Tely in 2013 based on the bet with the sister-in-law. I trained ok for it, but I didn’t train to race. I went out way too fast and I completely blacked-out at just after 6 miles. I finished that race in an ambulance and woke up in the recovery tent. It was a blessing upon reflection - I learned to run smarter and also I have a regularly low blood sugar level so be careful on carbs!

Favorite running shoe?

Current favourite is the Hoka One One Arahi. I need the stability to reduce pronation. Super comfortable, true to size and my legs feel great after a long run.

How do you track your runs?

I use a Garmin 245. Not the highest end model, but just right as a runner-specific device.

Do you have a current running goal?

My main goal at the moment is to stay fit and maintain my readiness for the next marathon. I’m quite fond of that distance now.

Best training tip you can provide/received?

When running down hills, up your cadence and don’t lift the knee quite as high. This helps reduce heel strike and bounding down the hill, which takes a toll for sure.

When running up hills, lean forward but not at the waist, lower those arms a little and get those elbows moving! It helps with the foot turnover.