Vice President

Arlene Scott

Serving role since January 2021

Past Board Role(s):

Not Applicable

How Long Have You Been With PRC?

I have been a member of PRC for 6 years…. several friends of mine were members at the time and convinced me to join. We’ve since recruited many more friends to join!

What Made You Start Running?

I started running about 20 years ago when a good friend and co-worker “announced” that we were going to run one day when we were out for a walk. I though she had lost her mind as neither one of us had ever run before unless something was chasing us, or we were headed to a Code (I was a nurse before I retired in June 2019). And run we did…. not fast and it wasn’t pretty …but we ran. For the next few years, I ran sporadically but certainly wouldn’t have described myself as a “runner”.

That changed about 10 years ago when my husband, Derek, was diagnosed with Diabetes. We were both in our mid forties, led very busy professional lives, and had both packed on quite a bit of weight. It was very much a reality check for us and we both pledged to get active and to always be here for each other. Running soon became a passion and remains so today.

What is your best/worst run?

My best run was the 2019 Disney Marathon in Orlando. We trained through some pretty crappy weather here all Fall and early Winter and had to run in 27-degree temps in Florida in January! I went with 11 amazing ladies...6 of us ran the full and the other 6 ran the half. Collectively we accomplished something none of us ever thought possible and made memories to last a lifetime.

My worst run was definitely the Hypo Half a few years back….it was absolutely freezing with a windchill of almost -30! My eyelids literally froze over, I developed a vicious headache, and became quite dizzy. I dropped out for safety reasons.

Favorite running shoe?

Saucony Hurricane Everun…. I actually wear the men’s version to get the width I need.

How do you track your runs?

Apple Watch Workout App which syncs easily with Strava.

Do you have a current running goal?

I have two:

  • Run a sub 100 min Tely 10

  • Run the Disney Dopey Challenge in Florida (4 races / 4 consecutive days – 5k, 10k, ½ marathon, full marathon)

Best training tip you can provide/received?

Listen to your body…. while you can “put it outta yer mind” and “push thru” fatigue and a few blisters… never ignore an injury or other serious physical or mental health issue. Never be afraid or ashamed to seek the help your need.