Learn To Run Program

Program Information

Our Learn To Run Program is organized by the Club and led by volunteer members. It is designed to bring you from the "couch" to being capable of running 5K in 12 weeks through.

In 2022 the program will only be offered once. Please follow our Facebook Page for current details.

If you would like any information on our Learn to Run Program, please email training@paradiserunningclub.com

If you are a current PRC Member who wishes to do LTR again, please do not sign up again, contact training@paradiserunningclub.com


2022 Learn to Run Program - March 19, 2022 to June 18, 2022

PRC is pleased to announce that we are currently accepting registrants to our 2022 Learn to Run Program. Should a change in Public Health guidelines occur, the program may be postponed/deferred to a later date when guidelines allow for continuance.

LTR Information

Purpose: To gently guide you the process of being able to walk for 30 minutes to being able to run for 30+ minutes. We will celebrate this accomplishment with a club-based fun run 5K celebration/graduation run at the end of the Program.

Prerequisites: If you are considering joining the LTR Program, please answer these two questions honestly:

  • Do you have any health conditions which would prevent your doctor from recommending you participate in a learn to run program?

  • Can you walk 30 minutes at a time? If you cannot do this before starting running, you are at a significantly higher risk of injury. You want to make yourself healthier, not cause harm.

Session Structure:

1) Warmup prior to running with dynamic movements

2) Begin each session with a walking interval (~ 5 minutes)

3) Run/Walk Intervals as prescribed on calendar

4) Post "workout" walk (~5 Minutes)

5) Post session static stretching

Program Capacity: 25 individuals on a first come-first served basis.

Cost: $25 - which includes membership in the Paradise Running Club for 2022

Session Times:

Tuesday - 6pm @ Paradise Double Ice Arena (club reserves the right to designate an alternate location in the community)

Thursday - 6pm @ Paradise Double Ice Arena (club reserves the right to designate an alternate location in the community)

Saturday - 8am @ Paradise Plaza - Parking Lot Near McNamara Drive Entrance (club reserves the right to designate an alternate location in the community)


You will receive an introductory email, however the primary method of communication is via an LTR participant only Facebook group for you to get to know each other, ask questions, and provide the training schedule. Location information and additional resources will be posted here.

How to Register:

Please go here to Join PRC, when completing the form please designate that you wish to Join the Learn to Run Program. Do not assume you have completed the registration process unless you have received a confirmation email. If you do not receive one, please contact membership@paradiserunningclub.com.