Five & Dime 5K/10K Road Race

About the 2022 Five and Dime

Once again, the Five and Dime will be offered as two separate events, on the same day. You can register for one event, or take on the Five & Dime Challenge and complete both events, back to back!

The Five and Dime is a chip-timed event, as part of the NLAA Road Running Series. This event is open to runners of all abilities, bearing in mind some of our time limits to accommodate road closures and logistics.

Five - 5k Race start - 8am with a 45 minute time limit

Dime - 10k race start - 9am with a 90 minute time limit

Total registrations: 5K - 150 participants, 10k - 100 participants. For the Dual Challenge, registrations are limited to these total capacities (see FAQ below)

Bib Pickup - race day, starting at 6:45am, at the Peter Barry Duff parking lot.


Five or Dime - $30

Five/Dime Challenge (dual event) - 25% off of the single events at $45!

*$5 NLAA one day race fee if not an NLAA member + minimal registration processing fee (the fine print)

How to register for the Five/Dime Challenge - BOTH events on the same day!

To register for both events and save 25% of the costs of individual entries, be sure to select the second event on the first page of Trackie registration page.

Select +Add Event per the images below, and then use the drop down to select the 10k event as well. You can then proceed to step 2 and complete the registration.

Select the +Add Event Option

Choose the second event (10k)

And then Proceed to Step 2

AWARDS...and giveaways! Over $600 in prizes to be won!

  • Every participant will receive a finisher medal for each distance

  • $50 cash for male and female winners of each race

  • Gift cards for age group winners of each race, along with placement medals in each category.

  • $50 cash prize for the fastest combined time of the Five/Dime Challenge

  • $50 prize draw for all registrants of the Five/Dime Challenge

  • Many more prize draws from our sponsors!

Age Group awards and prize draws for BOTH events will start at 10:30am, in the Peter Barry Duff park. For prize draws, you need to be present to collect. Age Group winners will be contacted for pickup.

Course Maps

5 km Route - The Five

10 km Route - The Dime

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there time limits for the events?

Firstly, we encourage runners of all abilities for this event. We need to have time limits for a few reasons. We coordinate with the Town of Paradise to place cones and marshals at key locations on the course. As residents of the area can't be expected to be locked in, we need to have a sensible window to hold the event, with minimal interruption as possible. Secondly, and especially important for 2021, we are holding two events in one morning. As the Challenge participants are running twice, we need to separate the events but still use common chip timing systems. This means we need to target a reasonable 45min time for the 5km (this equates to a running pace of 9min/km which is normally achievable for past race participants). Anyone completing the 5km event in more than 45 minutes may not receive a finishing time (but we'll be sure to get you a medal), and may not be able to complete the Challenge event if you registered to do so.

Do you permit walkers?

Please see the time limit question above. As this is a running focused event with some logistical time limits, we're not encouraging walkers, we're afraid.

Why is there limited numbers of registrations?

Limited participation due to the event specific finisher medals we have for participants. Our limits are based on expected numbers from previous years, and these custom medals need to be ordered well in advance. The total capacity across all options are 130 5K runners and 85 10k runners. Dual event participants decrement from those totals.

Is there a different Finisher medal for the Five and Dime?

Yes, of course! That means if you complete the Five/Dime Challenge (run both events), then you go home with two medals on race day. So cross train those neck muscles too cause the bling is heavy! See the image above.

Can I register and just run it without having to get a medal? This would avoid your limited numbers problem above.

No can do. It would be a nightmare trying to determine at the end who gets a medal and who don't. Plus, medal envy is a real thing and we don't want that at our event.

Can I get a refund or transfer my registration?

No. Yeah, that seems a bit harsh, we know (maybe the underline emphasis was a bit much). The reasons are the complexities that come with sending money back to people (our Treasurer is a volunteer too!) and even more important, the acknowledgement of the important waivers you all read very carefully and accepted when you registered on Trackie. That's not legally transferrable to another person unless they register themselves. That's especially true for minors, so we need to be certain as you may appreciate. So, please, don't ask and make this awkward.

What do you do with the race fees, anyways?

We use it mostly to pay for the costs of a race, especially medals, drinks, food, etc. In fact, we aim for "break even" as our pricing strategy. As a not-for-profit organization entirely run by volunteers, PRC donate regularly to local charities and we only carry a reasonable operating balance to manage the club.

Who can I contact if I have further questions, or special requirements?

Your friendly neighbourhood Race Director, that's who. Simply email Kiley using and he'll get back to you ASAP. He's a volunteer and has a day job, so please be patient and we'll aim to answer your questions as soon as we can.


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