Banished Brewing Five & Dime Road Race

2024 Race Information

Race Day: Sunday, June 02, 2024

About the 2024 Banished Brewing Five & Dime

PRC is proud to announce BANISHED BREWING LIMITED is returning as our event sponsor

Check out Banished Brewing's tap room at 9 Maverick Place, Paradise and try some fantastic and refreshing brews including, but not limited to:

The Banished Brewing Five & Dime will be offered as two separate events, on the same day. You can register for one event, or take on the Banished Brewing Challenge and complete both the 5K and 10K events back to back!

The Banished Brewing Five & Dime is a chip-timed event, as part of the NLAA Road Running Series. This event is open to runners of all abilities, bearing in mind some of our time limits to accommodate road closures and logistics.

Five - 5k Race start - 8am with a 45 minute time limit.

Dime - 10k race start - 9am with a 90 minute time limit.

Total registrations:  200 participants across all event. .

Bib Pickup - Saturday, June 1st at Banished Brewing, 9 Maverick Place - (1pm-3pm).

Post Race Reception/Awards Ceremony: Sunday, June 2nd at Banished Brewing, 9 Maverick Place - (11am-12pm).

PLEASE NOTE: The business opens to the public at 12:00pm and individuals under the age of 19 must leave the premises before public opening. 


*$5 NLAA one day race fee if not an NLAA member + minimal registration processing fee (the fine print)

**PRC members receive 15% discount - don't forget your code. Discount excludes NLAA one day race fees and processing charges

How to register for the Banished Brewing Challenge - BOTH events on the same day!

To register for both events and save 25% of the costs of individual entries, be sure to select the second event on the first page of Trackie registration page

Select +Add Event per the images below, and then use the drop down to select the 10k event as well. You can then proceed to step 2 and complete the registration.

Select the +Add Event Option

Choose the second event (10k)

And then Proceed to Step 2

AWARDS and giveaways!

Course Maps

5 km Route - The Five

10 km Route - The Dime

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there time limits for the events?

Firstly, we extend an invitation to runners of all skill levels to partake in this great event! Time limits are necessary as we collaborate with the Town of Paradise to strategically position cones and volunteer marshals along the route.  A reasonable time frame is essential to conduct the event smoothly and with minimal disruption for local residents. Secondly, we have organized two events within one morning. The Banished Brewing Challenge participants will complete two races, necessitating a division of events while utilizing a shared chip timing system. We aim for a feasible 45-minute duration for the 5km run, translating to an average pace of 9 minutes per km - a pace historically achievable by past participants. Individuals exceeding the 45-minute threshold during the 5km event may not receive an official finish time (rest assured, a Finisher medal will be provided) and could potentially be unable to partake in the Banished Brewing Challenge if initially registered for it.

Do you permit walkers?

Please see the time limit question above. As this is a running focused event with logistical time limits, we are not encouraging walkers.

Why is there limited numbers of registrations?

Limited registration is required as a result of the Finisher medals allocated for participants. Our restrictions are determined by anticipated attendance figures from previous years, necessitating early planning to ensure the Finisher medals are ready for race day.

Is there a different Finisher medal for the 2024 Five & Dime?

We are excited to show off the new 2024 Five & Dime medal! A unique representation of both the 5k and 10k races.  All finishers receive one medal - which also includes participants signed up for the Banished Brewing Challenge. That said, we have EXCITING NEWS for All FINISHERS of the Banished Brewing Challenge - each FINISHER receives a Banished Brewing beer glass along with their Finisher medal!

Can I register and just run it without having to get a medal? This would avoid your limited numbers problem above.

We are unable to allow non-registered runners to participate as it would be impossible to determine those who would rightfully receive a Finisher medal at the finish line.  We endeavour to make sure all registered participants who cross the finish line, go home with their new bling!

Can I get a medal if I register and don't run the race?

The Finisher medals are only intended for participants at the in-person event. The aim is to see runners actively engaging in a race,  both pushing themselves and offering encouragement to fellow participants. 

Can I get a refund or transfer my registration?

We do not offer refunds or transfers. We acknowledge the decision may appear stringent, but it stems from the intricacies involved in refunding payments to individuals. Equally significant is the acknowledgement of those important waivers we hope you all read very carefully and accepted when registering on Trackie! Legally, these waivers cannot be transferred to another individual unless they complete the registration. This principle is particularly critical for minors, necessitating a careful approach, as we hope you may appreciate. 

What do you do with the race fees?

Race fees are used mostly to pay for costs of a race, in particular the Finisher medals, drinks, food, prizes, etcPRC aims to "break even" for a pricing strategy.  As a not-for-profit organization entirely run by volunteers, PRC donates regularly to local charities and only carries a reasonable operating balance to manage the club.

Who can I contact if I have further questions, or special requirements?

For all questions, please email Carrie Hyde


Winners & Course Records