ANNOUNCING the exciting sequel to 2020’s Virtual 7o9(00K) Challenge, the Big Land 1140. Last year we traveled point to point across the island portion of Newfoundland and Labrador. This year we are going to (virtually) travel from border near Blanc Sablon to Labrador City/Fremont border, a total of 1142KMs (we’ve rounded down for the name). You’ll have 150 days to complete the challenge solo or as part of a team of up to 4.



BIG LAND 1140 T-SHIRT/MEDAL PICKUP SCHEDULED FOR 12pm to 2pm on Saturday July 17th and Sunday July 18th at 1296 Kenmount Road (SportNL/Didham Building)

April 30th, 2021 - CHALLENGE BEGINS TOMORROW!! Update for Participants

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for signing up for the Big Land 1140, if you are a returning participants from the 7o9(00K) Challenge, welcome back.

The Challenge will go live at midnight on MyVirtualChallenge (MVM), and I know there are still a lot of people who have not logged in yet and teams that have not yet been formed. I will work through all requests received until about 10pm this evening, then I will be unavailable until tomorrow afternoon. If something does not work, or you are not in, that's okay. You can catch up with manual entries, and get everything squared away. I ask for your patience through the first weekend.

Here are some quick tips from common questions/past history to help you out:

1) Log Into MVM: A lot of questions about not seeing the Challenge on MVM. The easiest thing to do, is to log into the site first. If you haven't signed up, click the link that you'd have gotten on your confirmation email, or I've posted a number of times on the Facebook Participant Page. It'll ask you to Join Mission, then you'll need to wait until I can approve you.

For people saying they've joined but can not see the Challenge. Log in, click the Home button, then hit Account, you should see your current/past Challenges listed. If you don't see the Big Land 1140, you may not have Joined correctly.

2) Connect to Strava: First, you need a Strava account. Once you have one/if you already do, log into MVM, go to My Account, click MyConnections on the drop down, then click Connect to Strava and follow the process.

3) Syncing from Stava: This will be an automatic process once it is Connected. I've seen sync times be from minutes to hours later, depending on how busy the servers are. Please be patient. If you redo the Connection with Strava, nothing prior to that will sync, so you will need to manually add your activity. Be Patient!

In order for your Strava activity to sync, the Privacy Controls on your activity must be set to "Everyone". As well, the Activity sport should be set to "Run" "Walk" "Hike" "Elliptical" etc

4) Manually Ad Activity: On the app just go to the My Progress tab and add. On the webpage, you'll do it on the Overview page where you can add comments/photos.

I should also note, that MVM does have a pretty good help section,

5) Team Creation/Questions/Order Extra Swag: Been said a few times, but to have a team created or ask a question, please use this form. Just a reminder that any requests for extra medals/t-shirts need to be received prior to May 3rd, as we will be placing our orders then.

6) Registration Deadline: Please remember, the deadline for registering to participant is 11:59PM tonight. This if a hard deadline, so if you have any procrastinating teammates, make sure they sign up.

Thanks everyone, please enjoy and get moving,

Mark Didham


With two weeks to go until the challenge starts, I just want to provide some housekeeping reminders.

  • Don't forget to join the Challenge on MyVirtualMission to track your challenge after registering on Trackie

  • Don't get to submit your team information for me to create and assign members. Click Here.

  • If you want to purchase an extra t-shirt or medal. Please do so by May 1st. Click Here.

  • Reminder to join the Facebook participants page (not required) - However, tips for navigating MyVirtualMission and troubleshooting common issues will be posted there.

When you join MyVirtualMission, don't forget to connect it with Strava. On the website:

  1. In the top right corner click -> My Account -> My Connections

  2. Select Strava on the list on Apps and Devices to pair and go to 'Connect with Strava'. Fill in your log in info and complete.

  3. In order to sync with MyVirtualMission the Strava activity should be listed a 'Public/Seen by Everyone' activity

2021 Event Details

General Info

  • Registration is NOW OPEN

  • Early-bird pricing ends on March 31st at 11:59pm

  • Registration deadline is April 30th at 11:59pm

  • This 150-day challenge will run from May 1st to September 27th

  • Crossing the “Big Land”? After registering, participants will be given access to a website/app that will record their daily progress to update a progress map. Data can be entered manually or by linking to your Strava account***

  • What Activities Are Tracked: The tracker will accept running, walking, elliptical, steps, and wheelchair activities that occur indoors or outdoors


  • $45* includes mailed** participant medal and t-shirt (event swag)

  • Alternative Options:

    • $12 discount if you elect to receive ONLY A PARTICIPANT MEDAL

    • $6 discount if you elect to PICK UP the event swag at a predetermined time and location (will be notified when pickup time is set)

      • $10 fee for mailing requests submitted after May 31st, 2021

  • $20 No Swag Options - just do the challenge… bragging rights only. No medal or t-shirt - REQUIRED FOR NON-CANADIAN PARTICIPANTS

  • EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT - 15% if you sign up during the early bird registration period

  • PARADISE RUNNING CLUB MEMBER-ONLY DISCOUNT - 25% off regular price if you are a member of the Paradise Running Club. A discount code will be provided to members

*Each participant will be charged the registration fee plus HST and a small processing fee

**Mailed - packages will only be mailed in Canada with conditions. Please read the “Mailing Policy & Disclaimer” below for more information.

***Works with a free Strava account. While the website host will allow direct connections with other services (, Strava is the most reliable service and the one we recommend

Refund Policy: All fees are NON-REFUNDABLE; no transfers or deferrals under any circumstances.

What’s Included

  • Access to website/phone app through MyVirtualMission to view live progress updates, statistics, and leaderboards

  • Access to event Facebook group to share pictures and motivation

  • Participants medal

  • Event branded T-shirt

    • Option to purchase t-shirt during registration, and until May 31, 2021.

    • T-Shirts will be the same make as last year's (ATC Pro Team Short Sleeve) with a sizing guide and color scheme available on the Registration Page or below.

    • Available in Male, Female, and Youth Sizes

General Guidelines

  • Please ensure physical activities completed as part of this challenge are completed in a manner that adheres to the current Public Health Orders/Guidelines of your region

  • Registered participants should be at least 16 years of age as of December 31, 2021. For families with younger children wishing to complete it together, please contact us for participation ideas

  • If you register solo and wish to form a team later in the Challenge, that is fine, however, once a team is formed, it cannot be broken up

Mailing Policy & Disclaimer

  • Mail will be sent to Canadian addresses only; no international mail

  • Organizers are not responsible for lost, held, or damaged packages

  • Organizers are not responsible for misdelivery errors by Canada Post, or incorrect shipping info

  • No refunds or exchanges or compensation for any lost or damaged items.


  • Upon registering, please read the follow-up instructions that appear. These will also be e-mailed to you with your confirmation of registration from Trackie.

  • All event information will be e-mailed via Trackie, so please make sure you enter correct email addresses. Please check your junk/spam folder to ensure emails do not end up here.

  • Event information will also be posted on the participants-only Facebook page, so join up!

  • The Paradise Running Club is not responsible for any issues arising from missed communications that have been posted in a public forum.

Any questions, please contact us by completing the form at

Frequently Asked Questions:

***FAQ based on last years questions, and updated frequently for any trends in questions. Don't be offended if your Question is answered with "Please refer to FAQ"***

Q) Explain the sign up process?

A) Basically 3 steps:

  1. Read the event information and this FAQ. Understand the expectations. Pay attention to mailing and swag pickup info.

  2. Go to Trackie and sign up for the event. This is where choose your Event option (Medal, T-Shirt, Pickup). After you confirm and pay you will see a confirmation page/e-mail. Read it, don't just close it, it's important!

  3. The confirmation will include a link to the Big Land 1140 on My Virtual Mission (MVM). Sign up for the site (if first time user), then join the Challenge. Teams: It doesn't matter what you pick, solo or team, if you want to be a team, contact us and we'll set it up.

  4. BONUS STEP! One last thing, how will you hear from us? 1) Via mass email from Trackie; ensure it isn't going to your Junk/Spam; 2) Your confirmation e-mail will also include a link to a private Facebook group for Participants; and 3) THIS WEBSITE.

Q) How do I receive my swag?

A) Two choices when registering. Default option is to be mailed out, but options are there for a $6 discount if you wish to pickup when it is available. If you choose the mailing option, please be aware of our Mailing Policy and Disclaimer (see above). We are not aware of any mailing issues from last years event.

Q) When/where will the pickup be?

A) Hopefully in late-May/June. The location will be a community location in metro region, likely Paradise, if a place is available. It will be one weekend, with designated times. Other people can pick up your swag. Last year we had multiple pickup times, that will not be the case this year. It will be one weekend. Instructions will be posted here, e-mailed, and on Facebook.

Q) Is there an age limit?

A) There is no hard age minimum. We do recommend participants be at least 16 years of age for full participation, as we cannot guarantee perfect moderation of the Facebook and MVM public content.

Q) What if I wanted to participate with my young child?

A) The host platform will allow you set your display name, if you'd like to make it a family affair, just enter "Smith Family." Use the manual add feature to record their distance. If you'd like to order an extra medal, please contact us below, prior to May 1, 2021.

Q) During registration it asks me select a gender, Male or Female. What if I do not wish to disclose or do not identify with either of those options?

A) This issue was discussed during our review of the form. Gender has no bearing on anything with the Challenge so we did not wish to have the question there. However; it is a default question of Trackie, the site that hosts our registration form, and we cannot turn it off. As they are geared towards competitive sporting events, this is generally a starting distinguishing point in the event field.

Q) What is Strava? Do I need it?

A) Strava is a social-fitness network that can be paired with numerous fitness/activity trackers (Garmin, Fitbit, Apple, etc). Your Strava account can then be paired with our event host website/app to automatically sync and move you along the Challenge. Click here to find out if your favorite activity tracking app syncs with Strava.

If you don't have Strava, or there are issues, you can just log into the website/app to manually add your distance and activity type. The site does support other trackers, however, MVM recommends the use of Strava as the direct link.

Q) This seems like a lot of distance?

A) We've upped the distance from last year, but also upped the days. Last year it averaged ~7.2KMs/day. This year, it's about 7.6KMs/day. If it was easy we wouldn't call it a challenge! However, to make this achievable you can team up with your friends (or enemies), come up with a clever name (no bonus'), and the cumulative distance of each team member will be added together.

Q) Won't a team finish faster?

A) There is no award for first place! This is a Challenge, so tackle it however you want over the 150 days. Want to run a marathon a week? Great! Want to convince the person who runs a marathon a week to be your teammate? Even better!

Q) How come I have to pay the same amount as a solo person if I'm on a team?

A) Because you still get the same swag! I don't know about you, but I don't want to share a t-shirt with my teammate or cut my medal in half!

Q) How do I set up my team?

A) During registration, you can choose to be Solo or a Team; however, this doesn't really do much. Once you and your teammates have registered, and signed onto the MyVirtualMission site, please fill out the form with your Team Information. The site administrator will get your team set up within 24 hours. We will confirm set up, and ask you if you'd like to submit a custom logo at that time.

Q) Can I create/or break up a Team once the Challenge starts?

A) Last year we had a lot of people wanting to disband their team once they got close to finish, and try to go solo. This created a lot of problems, as once the distance was reached, there was a limited window where changes could be made. So this year, once the Challenge starts, if you are on a team, you must remain on that Team. However, if you do want to form a team during the competition, that can be done. Just contact us. So reminder... start as a team, you finish as a team. Choose wisely.

Q) Do I have to run the whole way?

A) Nope! The website/app will be set up accept running, walking, steps, elliptical and wheelchair activities that occur indoors or outdoors. If using steps, you might find your are covering the distance very quickly if you have an active work day. But you can adjust what you track or remove activities.

Q) Do I need to show proof of completing an activity?

A) No, this is based on the honor system. If it's linked up to Strava, that's fine, but if you use manual entry, we just ask it's your best estimate of mileage. We don't have anything for you if you finish first!

Q) What's up with the swag?

A) We hope to have the medal and t-shirt designs finalized prior to the start date of the Challenge. However, it is safe to say the medal will compliment last years Newfoundland portion of the Province. The t-shirts are the same make as last years t-shirts, The Athletic Company Pro Team Short Sleeve Shirts. Colors by style are listed below, along with a sizing guide.

Q) I don't live in Newfoundland and Labrador, can I participate?

A) Yes of course you can! Last year we had participants from all across Canada. Come take a virtual tour of Labrador. Our only requirement at this time is that you need to have a Canadian mailing address if you wish to receive swag. For non-Canadian mailing addresses, only the No Swag option will be available.

Q) Can I join after the event has started?

A) Nope, this year we have adequate heads up for the event. We even have 15% off the regular price until 11:59pm on March 31st, then you have all of April (to 11:59pm on April 30th) to join at the regular price.

Q) Can I plan group runs?

A) Please conduct all activities related to this challenge in a manner that follow your recommend local COVID-19 related Public Health Orders and social-distancing recommendations. These guidelines are subject to regular updates, so you are responsible to know what's applicable in your Province. Please click here for Newfoundland and Labrador's COVID-19 Public Health Orders.

#socialdistancing #runsolo #dontlickyoursneakers

Q) I finished the mission as an individual or team and we want to continue tracking our progress, can I/we?

A) The Challenge was set up to see you complete the 1142KM cross Labrador journey. Once you hit that goal, MyVirtualMission will no longer track additional distances. This is simply because that is the finish line. You don't run a 5K race then keep tracking your results to 10K.

Many of you probably joined Strava for the first time to use it with this Challenge. Strava is an activity tracker, I'd suggest continuing to use that to track your continued distance.

Q) Do I need to register all my teammates at once?

A) Nope. While you can register multiple people at once, whether they will be your teammates or not, it is not required for teammates. Please Contact Us to form your Team. As noted above, when registering multiple participants, each registration will still be subject to a processing fee.

Still have a question? Contact Us @ someone will get back to you within 24 hours. If you don't see a reply, check your Junk/Spam mail.

T-Shirt Info

The Athletic Company Pro Team Short Sleeve T-Shirt. Same as we used for last years events. They will be in 3 styles, Men's, Women's, and Youth.

Styles & Color

Three styles of choice, Male, Female, and Youth. Event logo centered on the chest.

Male - Kelly Green

Female - Royal Blue

Youth - True Red

T-Shirt Sizing Guide

Male Sizing

Female Sizing

Youth Sizing