Membership Coordinator

Emily Glencross

Serving role since December 2023

Past Board Role(s):

How Long Have You Been With PRC?
I joined PRC in Spring of 2021 

What Made You Start Running?
I started running just after I graduated highschool (circa 2007). To be honest I can’t even remember why I started - I just did. I really fell in love and started taking it seriously in 2009. 

What is your best/worst run?
My best run would probably be Tely 10 2021. I remember the weather was perfect and it was by far my best time. Funny… that’s the year I joined PRC. 

My worst run was also a Tely 10. 2014. The really, really hot year. My goal very quickly shifted from a time to just crossing the finish line. 

Favorite running shoe?
I’m a New Balance girl! I’m most comfortable in a stability shoe and NB is my favorite! 

How do you track your runs?
I use my Garmin and link it to Strava! If I didn’t track it, it didn’t happen.. 

Do you have a current running goal?
I’d like to run my fall marathon  in 4:15. My quickest full is 4:32. 

Best training tip you can provide/received?
Long, slow efforts should be the majority of your training. Learning that running full tilt all the time was not as effective as time on my feet was a total game changer for me.