Membership Coordinator

Kristi Simms

Serving role since January 2021

Past Board Role(s):
Not Applicable

How Long Have You Been With PRC?
I have been a member of PRC for 2 years. I moved to Paradise 10 years ago and should of signed up back then but my work schedule interfered with the weekly group runs. After joining, I realized that there are runs outside the set times and now wished I joined earlier, but better late than never!

What Made You Start Running?
I was working in Gander at the time and a couple of friends said that they were going to start running and asked if I wanted to join. I said sure! Our first run was approximately 3km around Cobbs Pond and I thought I was going to die. We certainly didn’t follow the great structure of PRC’s Learn to Run but I gave myself two weeks to see how I felt about it. It’s now 13 years later and I’m still hooked!

What is your best/worst run?
I consider my best run to be 2019 Cape to Cabot. I was only a member of PRC for a few months and had no intentions on running C2C. In my mind, it was considered out of my league. After listening to several members talk about it and boosting my confidence that I could do it, I secretly signed up. I was stomach-sick for a week and told very few people about the race. However, with proper training and the help of some great friends, I did it and loved it so much that I didn’t hesitate to sign up again for 2020!

My worst run that I can remember was not an actual race but a Saturday group run from Paradise to Bell Island. Let’s just say that I unexpectedly celebrated a little too much the night before and was not in great shape to be running the next day. But once again, with encouragement from a great group of friends, I made it to the end!

Favorite running shoe?
Saucony Wide Ride or Triumph. I find they have the cushioning I’m looking for with the wider toe box.

How do you track your runs?
For years I used to use Nike Run on either my iPhone and later Apple Watch but switched to Strava after a few months of joining PRC. As of September 2020, traded in my Apple Watch for Garmin Forerunner 245 music and love it!!!

Do you have a current running goal?
I have a few but will list a couple:

  • Run a sub 90min official Tely 10 (ran virtual one fall 2020 but want it on race day!)

  • Run Half Marathon. I have ran the distance but never an official/virtual race. Set for February 2020 with Hypo Half.

  • Run Full Marathon. I would like it to be an actual in-person race but may have to settle for virtual. I would never have set this goal before joining PRC!

Best training tip you can provide/received?
Best I can provide is to accept that each run is different and therefore some days you’ll perform your best, some days you won’t. Don’t get too caught up if you don’t perform to your usual standards, just be proud that you did it, even at your worst!

Best tip I received was to dress 10 degrees warmer than the actual temperature. Took me awhile to trust that one but it is so true! I can thank our new President Andrew Tobin for that one!