Andrew Power

Serving role since January 2018

Past Board Role(s):

Not Applicable

How Long Have You Been With PRC?

I joined PRC in February 2013. I knew one person at the time and really didn’t know what to expect. The Club has changed, grown, and evolved so much since I first paid my $25 fee and I am honoured to be able to shape the future of the Club as its Treasurer.

What Made You Start Running?

I was always active as a teen. Then, I made it to my twenties and physical activity was not a concern any longer. I gained weight and then some more! My tipping point came when I realized that extra large, loose style shirts were now tight and a flight of stairs winded me. Having just witnessed the birth of my first child, I decided I had to do something, anything, that I could do at odd hours so I saw a podiatrist for some recommendations on proper shoes for my feet and started for a year or so entirely on my own.

What is your best/worst run?

My best run is the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in 2018. It was my first marathon so I went in with the mindset of enjoying the scenery and every step of the way and that I did! My favorite moment in the run was about 700 metres from the finish when I saw my wife and two youg kids making their way to the finish line - there was no greater push to get there! We had a big crowd of PRC members so the support the whole weekend was awesome!

My worst race would have to be the 2016 Cape to Cabot. I love this race! The route, the time of year, it is all awesome but...on this race my calf cramped up really bad coming out of Shea Heights and it was nothing but agony for the last 6km moving along the waterfront and up Signal Hill. To top it off, this was the year when the finish line had to be moved and the last 100 metres or so was over rocks. Wanted to sell my running shoes that day!

Favorite running shoe?

My favourite shoe is the Asics Kayano. I still have an old pair of 19’s that I beat around the yard in. I’ve tried others but keep coming back to the Kayanos.

How do you track your runs?

I’ve used a Garmin watch and Garmin Connect since October 2012. Currently using the Garmin Instinct linked through to Strava.

Do you have a current running goal?

I want to build again to train for another marathon. On a restart and need to build back up slowly.

Best training tip you can provide/received?

Double wrap your laces. When you’re running (especially racing) there is nothing worse than having your shoes come untied! Well, maybe there are worse things like medical emergencies but wardrobe malfunctions can be prevented! When tying my shoes, after I make the first bunny ear I loop that ear not once, but twice, this locks the laces in place and they do not slacken off or come undone for me while I’m running.