Past President

Katie Keats

Serving role since January 2023

Past Board Role(s):

Secretary (January 2020 to January 2021)

Vice president (January 2022 to January 2023)

President (January 2023 to January 2024)

How long have you been with PRC?

Since September 2019 when I joined the LTR Program.

What made you start running?

During the summer of 2019, I wanted to get more involved in my community. What better way than joining a local club, to meet new people within my new home town! With a busy lifestyle, I also decided I needed something for me – a mental break for some physical activity. So I signed up for the LTR Program with a friend in September 2019. 

What is your best/worst run?

Worst run hands down was the week we started 3/1s during the LTR program. I remember trying to run up the hill between Octagon Pond and the T’railway; I felt so defeated!!

Best run is 100% the Virtual Boston Marathon. With only running for two years, the idea of even registering for a marathon seemed impossible. But I signed up, trained hard, and completed 42.2K in practically a hurrican with some amazing people. The run itself was a great experience, but the volunteers included other PRC members, family, and friends, made the experience so much better. 

Favourite Running Shoe?

New balance all the way!!! For the past year or so, I’ve been rocking different colours in the 880 (v10-13)! 

How do you track your runs?

Using my Garmin Forerunning 245- I love it! I find garmin the most accurate for pace, heart rate, distance, etc. However, I’m much more active on Strava!

Do you have a current running goal?

The goal is always to keep running. With recently completing a marathon, 2023’s goal is to reach a 5K PB and complete a half-marathon. Hoping to complete another Tely 10 and Cape to Cabot of course! 

Best training tip you can provide/received?

Commit to yourself. You’ll feel SO much better when you do it! Running buddies are great- help with motivation and accountability. Also never be too hard on yourself, we all have good and bad days. Movement itself is a huge accomplishment!