Mark Ivany

Serving role since January 2023

Past Board Role(s): 

Vice President (January 2023 to January 2024)

How Long Have You Been With PRC? 

Joined PRC in April 2021 as part of the LTR Program 

What Made You Start Running? 

During the pandemic I was spending a lot of time playing with my son and I noticed that my fitness was not close to the level I once was and I wanted to make a change. In my past I had experience running but not successfully. Then after driving by Paradise Plaza one Saturday morning and seeing members of PRC getting ready for a run, I checked out the website and joined LTR the next month. 

What is your best/worst run?

My best run was the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October 2022. After months and months of training I was ready to have a great day. I went in with a goal time and crushed that target with a favorable course. There happens to be less hills in downtown Toronto than our normal running areas!

My worst run was the 2015 Tely 10. Back then I decided to try the Tely but did zero training and I mean zero. I was on the bus headed to the start line and had the worst feeling in my stomach because I was not prepared. I barely made it through and could hardly walk for a week after I was so sore. After vowing to myself to never do that again, I proceeded to do it again with zero training the next year with the same result. I do not recommend trying that method.

Favorite running shoe?

I have primarily worn Asics Nimbus since I started but lately, I have branched out and I have Saucony, Hoka along with Asics in my closet. 

How do you track your runs?

Currently I use a Fenix 6 Pro

Do you have a current running goal?

I do not have a specific goal but my focus is on continued development as a runner. 

Best training tip you can provide/received?

The best tip/quote I ever heard or read is “I never regret it when I do a run, but I always regret it when I don’t.”