Volunteer Coordinator

Jeremy Korchoski 

Serving role since September 2023

Past Board Role(s):

How Long Have You Been With PRC? 

I joined PRC in January 2019.  I then moved to Ontario later that year, but I then moved back to NL in 2021, and of course I re-joined PRC right away. 

What Made You Start Running? 

I started running initially as my weight loss journey had plateaued.  I figured I would run a little bit to see if I could get my weight loss kick started again.  Little did I know at the time (way back in 2011), that running would fundamentally change my life!  

What is your best/worst run?

My best run was the 2016 Cape to Cabot.  That year, everything literally came together running wise/race wise for me.  I was totally out of energy at the bottom of Temperance Street, so that tells me that I ran the race hard!  My worst run was the 2022 Chicago Marathon.  I broke my rib two weeks prior to the race.  A broken rib with reduced (guarded) breathing equals bad form, which also equals tight/non responsive muscles.  I fell apart at 8 KM, but I managed to slog through the next 34 KM!  However, I am not turned off from doing another marathon from that experience. The only way we grow is through trying, and sometimes not succeeding to our expectations. 

Favorite running shoe?

My favorite shoe is the New Balance 860V13.  I have been running in that brand since 2012!!  Recently, NB changed the shoe design, and many people are not impressed!!  Perhaps I may have a new favorite shoe one day! 

How do you track your runs?

 I track my runs on my Garmin Forerunner 935.  The 935 is a multi-sport watch (triathlon), but it works perfect for tracking my runs, rides, and swims.

Do you have a current running goal?

My current running goal is to do one ultra run (50 KM) before I turn 50!!  

Best training tip you can provide/received?

SLOW DOWN!! The fastest/best runners truly understand the many benefits of slow running! If you want to get fast, SLOW DOWN!