Training Coordinator

Mark Didham

Serving role since January 2019

Past Board Role(s):
Not Applicable

How Long Have You Been With PRC?

Since January 2015, I’d moved to Paradise the fall, and as I returned from a running injury, I was looking for group motivation and support.

What Made You Start Running?

In April 2011, I had gained a lot of weight following knee surgery, and moved to a new workplace that was close to Quidi Vidi, had co-workers who were runners and more importantly the building had showers. I started one day, enjoyed it, and just went from there.

What is your best/worst run?

My best run is a tie< First, the Mews 8K in 2018, where everything just clicked, and I ran as well I ever have, passed a lot of good runners who I’d never beaten before, running 8K in under 32 minutes. The other would be the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in 2018. I crushed my time goal, I felt great the whole way, met some great people, and best of all, we had a big crowd of PRC members so the support the whole weekend was extremely motivating.

My worst running memory (mainly because the one people assume I have little memory of), is the Hypo Half in 2017. It was minus 30 with the wind chill, winds were gusting up to 80kph, it was terrible. I was coming down with a cold, and it was my first long distance race after a knee surgery. Absolutely just bonked on energy and was completely miserable the last 5K. Wanted to walk off the course into a warm car. To top it off, ended up with pneumonia.

Favorite running shoe?

My primary running shoe has always been the Asics Nimbus. I’ve purchased countless versions over the years.

How do you track your runs?

I’ve used a Garmin watch and Garmin Connect since July of 2011. It’s the official record of my “running career”. Currently using a Garmin 945 watch.

Do you have a current running goal?

My primary goal lately has been helping others reach their goals. Seeing someone achieve a running goal, knowing you may have made a little contribution to that is an amazing feeling.

Best training tip you can provide/received?

You need to cross-train. I love running, but running injuries are more likely, when it’s the only activity you do, so force yourself a couple times a week to some work strengthening your hips and core, or get for a swim, work those supporting muscles.