Katie Keats

Serving role since January 2020

Past Board Role(s):

Not Applicable

How long have you been with PRC?

I joined the LTR Program in September of 2019.

What made you start running?

During the summer of 2019, I wanted to get more involved in my community. What better way than joining a local club, to meet new people within my home town! With a busy lifestyle, I also decided I needed something for me- a mental break for some physical activity. So I signed up for the LTR Program with a friend in September 2019.

What is your best/worst run?

Worst run hands down was the week we started 3/1s during the LTR program. I remember trying to run up the hill between Octagon Pond and the T’railway; I felt so defeated!!

Best run- well two need to be recognized. First one: the LTR Graduation Run. I have never felt so accomplished and supported then the time I was approaching the finish line of this run, and all because my buddies/other PRC members were cheering me on- what a bittersweet feeling! Second best run: my first 10km. I ran this with my friend, who I met through the LTR program. We started out saying we would run 10, but figured we would only get 5-7 in- it felt SO good when we hit the 10km mark!

Favourite Running Shoe?

I am an Ascis fan. I am currently running in Gel Cumulus 21s now. They are GTX which is amazing! I am thinking about trying out Brooks next!

How do you track your runs?

Using my Garmin Forerunning 235- I love it! Planning to use it for the next year, and if I continue to improve and grow as a runner, going to treat myself to a higher version!

Do you have a current running goal?

The goal right now is to keep running. Finding the motivation to keep going is sometimes difficult- that is why I love PRC! Short term goal would be to complete the next Tely 10. A long term goal would be to complete a marathon and Cape to Cabot!

Best training tip you can provide/received?

Commit to yourself. You’ll feel SO much better when you do it! Running buddies are great- help with motivation and accountability. Also never be too hard on yourself, we all have good and bad days. Movement itself is a huge accomplishment!